Gambling halls FENIKSS and the online platform FENIKSS Casino are the part the SiA Alfor group. The founders of the Alfor group are the Latvian investment company SIA Foroms and one of the world’s largest gambling equipment manufacturers, game developers and gambling operators, the Novomatic group Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH.

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the gaming and entertainment industry, and we create exciting entertainment experiences and environments while caring for the well-being of our customers, employees and society.

FENIKSS gaming halls throughout Latvia provide customers entertainment through a trip to the world of games with a wide selection of modern gaming machines in comfortable and modern gaming halls. We offer our customers the highest level of hospitality and service and a responsible gaming experience.

The FENIKSS Casino online platform offers a variety of free time opportunities throughout Latvia at a time and place available to you.

FENIKSS halls are equipped with a wide selection of slot machines, from classic to luxury touch machines, ensuring a perfect and exciting gaming journey. We offer our customers a warm and friendly welcome, an introduction to new offers and campaigns, selection of free drinks as well as support and advice on matters related to the gaming experience. offers both modern and classic games and a sports betting platform in a safe environment.